Schwervon! Is a two piece rock band. Nan and Matt have been a couple longer than they have been a band. Their relationship influences their art. Their art influences their relationship. They are two birds of a different feather. You might say one flies and one rolls and they meet in the middle with two halves of the worm. They are a collaboration. Is one sonny and one cher?  Is one a pop lover and one a noise lover? Why do they both love food so much? Why are they obsessed with their cat Gummo?

They started making up songs soon after they met, with Nan pounding the drums (learning to play she figuredwould happen as she went along- which it did) and matt reawakening his high school electric guitarrockability a la sonic youth and jon spencer blues explosion. Sometimes they write lyrics on the train. Sometimes they steal lines from eavesdropping on other people's conversations. They are DIY to the hilt,mixing and recording the bulk of their music in their cramped little apartment on the lower east side of New York City.