Prewar Yardsale

We are Prewar Yardsale - dina and mike. We play a bucket and a tincan and a guitar with a fuzzbox and a flute and a tambourine. and we sing songs that we write in bed at night after our son goes to sleep. we play shows in new york and once in awhile in paris and london. we have 2 full albums out on olivejuice music, called "Lowdown" and "We are singing a sad song. and we also have a live cdr called Washington Soundboard Recording. We also have a 7" single that was put out in England on a-ok records, with 4 songs on it. , and we recently   released a cdr w/ our Peel session that we did in 2003 on the John Peel show on BBC 1. we plan on releasing a new album by the end of 2007, and making back over to europe in the fall (hitting germany). We love music, and we love to play shows when we can, and we love olivejuice music.