Church of Lurch

God I wish you could let the love inside me and us go inside you. If we could just all feel all the gold that replaces the cracks in the bowls we could see how rich HOw RICh!!!! we are. don't let college fool you, if you are unhappy now because of your friends/body/ethnic background/recent failed relationships, it is ONLY a Matter OF CHoice! let it go! let yourself go! RUn With JOY! and please, live your life like your mom wanted to.;..we are springing off of our pasts, no reason to hesitate.

Rooted in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Julie and Dan, the saw and piano duo, plays at The Sidewalk Cafe (home of ANTIfolk) whenever they're around. They pull people into a well of horniness at every performance. Somehow. The truth is out. he wish to free all beings from suffering and achieve spiritual freedom-is-that-all-there-is-?-c-h-i-n--c-h-o-n--s-n---->G!

"An unconventional duo that plays regularly at Sidewalk Café, Ching Chong Song stars Julie LaMendola (who sings aand plays the saw) and Dan Gower (who plays the piano and wears a piano tie). Their songs are spare, but the pair compensate with enough chutzpah to fill Carnegie Hall." -Time Out New York Student Guide 2006 / 2007